Phuket Information

Phuket Information

Phuket Information
Looking forward to your visit to Thailand? Before you get all too excited, it is important that you learn more about this lovely island along Andaman Sea. Make your vacation a memorable one by reading more about vital Phuket information for tourists.

Located a few latitudes north of the Equator, the island can be found at the west coast of Thailand. Situated by the sparkling Andaman Sea, it is the country’s largest isle at 543 square kilometers. Although it is well known for its beaches, majority of the island is mountainous.

The time zone of Thailand is GMT +7.

Phuket Information on Climate
Because of its nearness to the equator, the island features a tropical monsoon climate. Yearly temperature usually ranges from 21 to 34 degrees Celsius. The dry season is from December to March, while the rainy season takes the rest of the year. This Phuket information for tourists is vital; since it can help you decide which clothes and accessories to bring.

The island has a beautiful environment, mostly because of its seaside location. On land, visitors can trek through tropical rainforests. Underwater, tourists can marvel at vibrant coral reefs, which play home to as much as 850 marine species. According to latest Phuket information, most reefs and marine species are endangered. As a responsible tourist, you are encouraged to refrain from any unsanctioned activities that might harm sea life.

Phuket Information on Transportation
To enter the island, you can catch a plane that takes you the International Airport. If you are from another Thai city, you can take a train and alight at Surat Thani station. From here, you can ride passenger pick-up cars known locally as songthaews. To get to the city, you can rent a car, hire a private driver, or hop on the airport bus.

The money used in the island is Thai Baht. If you do not have the local currency, do not worry, as there are many money changers around town. You can look up the necessary Phuket information online.