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Kata Beach

Kata Beach

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Located right next to Karon Beach, Kata Beach has the same soft white sands and gleaming turquoise waters as its neighbor. It is even more attractive, though, especially with its row of palm trees, the swaying leaves of which add a touch of beauty and

On The Beach Of Kata

 kata beach activities kata beach activities

Kata may just be roughly a mile long, making it smaller than the popular Patong Beach or neighboring Karon Beach, but this does not make it any less enticing. In fact, Kata is just the right size for families with an atmosphere that is neither too hectic nor too laid-back but with just the right hum of excitement that many tourists look forward to.

Kata Beach Activities

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Kata is especially known for being a paradise for surfers because of its excellent wind and wave conditions, especially near the southern end and during the months of May to October. There are various shops renting out surfing equipment, including boogie boards for small children who want to have their own fun near the shore, and for those who don’t know how to surf but don’t want to be left out, lessons are offered as well. For true surfing enthusiasts, a surfing competition is usually held in early or mid-September.

During the rest of the year, swimming is a good idea since the waters are calm and clear, ideal even for children to swim in. Even during the surfing season, though, swimming is still an option as long as there are no red flags up and as long as you keep away from the throng of surfers and stay at the northern end.

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Apart from surfing and swimming, para-sailing is another beach activity that you can indulge in. Snorkeling and scuba diving are also possible near the northern end of the beach. For those who prefer to keep dry, playing a round of beach volleyball or beach soccer with the locals and other tourists is a good idea to keep in mind.

Kata Beach Facilities

Like on Karon Beach, you will easily find sunbeds for rent here to lounge on under the shade of palm trees or beach umbrellas which are also available for rent. Public toilets are also provided, located along the beach road right before hitting the beach.

Kata Beach Restaurants

There are many restaurants just near Kata where hungry holidaymakers can stop by for excellent meals. The southern end, in particular, is known for its fine dining restaurants, serving good food and wine for rather steep but well-deserved costs, while on other parts of the beach, one can find cheaper options, including fast food restaurants serving pizza, tacos and burgers. Of course, Thai restaurants are present, as well.

Kata Beach Attractions – Things To See Around Kata Beach

With the beauty of Kata, it is impossible to get easily tired of it. Still, for those who are looking for other sights to set their eyes on, there are other attractions in the area.

Karon Viewpoint

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Now called Karon Viewpoint, this place is actually nearer to Kata and was once known as Kata Viewpoint, though locals refer to it as Khao Saam Haad. Even though it is not as popular as the other viewpoints in Phuket, it still provides breathtaking views, especially of Kata, Karon Beach and Kata Noi Beach from higher ground, as well as nearby islands.

Dino Park

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Located right next to the Marina Phuket Resort and open 24/7, Dino Park is a dinosaur-themed 18-hole mini-golf course. Indeed, there are different kinds of dinosaurs here, including the well-known T-rex and triceratops, which either stand on watch from the sides or form part of the course obstacles. There are also jungle sounds all around.

There is also a bar and a restaurant here for those who have built up an appetite after playing a round of golf, both of which look like part of a Flintstones movie set and serve good, hearty food to boot.

Wat Kittisangkaram

Wat Kittisangkaram is the local temple which dates back to 1832, though it does not look that old because of constant renovation efforts. It has some astonishing structures while the whole complex itself is backed by beautiful scenery.

Phuket King’s Cup Regatta

Every year in December, yachtsmen and sailing enthusiasts come to Kata Beach to compete in an international regatta, transforming its waters into a palette of colorful billowing sails that is a fascinating spectacle for onlookers. After the competition, the expensive boats are usually anchored to the beach, giving others a chance to take a close look at them.

Kata Beach Activities – Things To Do In And Around Kata Beach

Kata offers its own assortment of activities, whether on sea or on land. After all, though it may not be as frequented as Patong or Karon, it is still one of the most popular beaches in Phuket, and so getting bored is not an option.

Beach Activities

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Kata Beach is especially known for its excellent surfing conditions so surfers are most welcome here and even those who have never tried the sport before can give it a go by taking classes and renting equipment from establishments lining the shore. Swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving and parasailing are also other activities to choose from while playing beach volleyball and beach soccer are also possible.

Sports Activities

There is an 18-hole mini-golf course called Dino Park located nearby so you can play a round of golf with your family and friends, and you can also have the chance to learn Muay Thai or Thai boxing at the facility on Patak Road.

Cultural Activities

Mom Tri’s Boathouse, one of the restaurants on Kata Beach, offers culinary workshops every weekend so you can learn how to cook some of the restaurant’s well-loved Thai specialties. They also have a great bar overlooking the beach called Rekata.

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Spa & Wellness Activities

Many of the resorts on Kata Beach also have a spa center so you can pamper yourself with a Thai massage or one of the usual spa treatments during your stay.

Kata Beach Shopping

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A little farther from the beach lie various shops, especially small boutiques and handicraft stalls, where visitors to Kata Beach can go shopping. One can shop leisurely here since the atmosphere is not as hectic as in Patong Beach or even Karon Beach, reflecting the relaxing ambiance of the beach.

Kata SC Plaza

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Kata Plaza SC is a covered bazaar where one can find a wide variety of goods, including replica watches, all kinds of clothes for all ages, footwear and leather goods. Most of the vendors here are actually from Nepal but you won’t be able to tell because of their good English.

Soi Malisa

In between the restaurants and art galleries on Soi Malisa on the southern end of Kata Beach, one can still find some good stalls and kiosks that offer Thai souvenirs such as wood carvings and beaded jewelry.

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