mai khao beach phuket

Mai Khao Beach

Mai Khao Beach

The whole of Mai Khao Beach is part of the Sirinath National Park, and as such, it is completely undeveloped, one of the beaches of Phuket where you can truly be one with nature and have a relaxing break from the rest of the world.

On The Beach Of Mai Khao

For those who are only after the beach, Mai Khao is a good choice since there is nothing much else to see here apart from the white sands and the turquoise waters and there isn’t much to do, either. You’ll get plenty of privacy here, though, since this is one of the most isolated beaches in Phuket, as well as all the relaxation you need.

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Mai Khao Beach Activities (pictures of people at the beach in mai khao)

Swimming is a good idea from December to April but can be dangerous the rest of the year when the undertow is quite strong. Apart from that, sunbathing is the only other thing you can do here.

Mai Khao Beach Facilities

There are no sunbeds or parasols for rent here so you’ll need to bring your own beach towel to lie down on, which is recommended since the sand is quite coarse. There are public toilets at the southern end and the bungalows in the central part of the beach have toilet facilities, as well.

Mai Khao Beach Restaurants

There are not that many places to eat here, just the restaurants at the nearby resorts which offer excellent food but at steep prices, a few seafood restaurants near Sarasin Bridge and a pub at the nearby shopping village.

Mai Khao Beach Attractions – Things To See Around Mai Khao Beach

For a beach as secluded and quiet as Mai Khao Beach, there are surprisingly some great attractions around the area, including one of the best water parks in Thailand.

Splash Jungle Water Park

The Splash Jungle Water Park is a good destination for the young and old alike, with water slides for all ages, some of which have steep drops and others which simply go around like a winding river, pools and a playground for children. There are plenty of lifeguards here to keep guests from drowning and if you’re not that good a swimmer, you can always borrow a lifejacket for free. There is a restaurant and a poolside bar here, as well.

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Sirinath National Park

Mai Khao Beach itself is part of the Sirinath National Park. However, it also encompasses a larger area, which is comprised of excellent diving spots, turtle nesting grounds and marked nature trails.

Wat Mai Khao

The simplicity of Wat Mai Khao reflects the strictly simple lifestyle of the monks who reside there. In spite of its lack of elaborate trimmings, though, the monument is still a beauty and is another good place for you to relax and catch your breath apart from the beach.

Mai Khao Beach Shopping

As you ‘ll be able to tell from the first moment you step on Mai Khao Beach, you won’t find too many shops in the area. In fact, just a short while ago, you couldn’t find any, at all. Now, though, there is one shopping village not far from the beach called the Turtle Village.

Turtle Village

The Turtle Village is a two-level shopping complex with boutiques that sell a variety of goods, including eyewear, jewelry, Jim Thompson silk creations, nightwear, lingerie and art works. There is also a small mart selling grocery items, liquor and baked goods.

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And all the restaurants in the hotels in Mai Khao