Beginner’s Guide to Shopping in Phuket

Is it your first time to go shopping in Thailand? Well then, you are going to enjoy your time here! Apart from being a premiere beach destination, it is one of the country’s best when it comes to retail. From humongous malls to humble markets, here is a comprehensive beginner’s guide to shopping in Phuket.

Phuket Shopping Tips
As a first-timer, make sure to fully understand this beginner’s guide to shopping. Most importantly, you need to mind these basic shopping tips:

Beginner’s Guide to Shopping in Phuket

• There’s a 7% VAT refund for tourists. For a minimum purchase, you can benefit this discount. Just show your passport to the merchant and keep the papers given. You need to show this to an Airport Customs Officer to have your money refunded.

• Keep an eye on your belongings, especially in open-air markets. This is an important beginner’s guide to shopping tip. If you get too relaxed, you might end up losing money instead of saving some.

• Haggle! Don’t be afraid to barter with the merchants. Remember though that this is applicable for bazaars and markets only.

Beginner’s Guide to Shopping: What to Buy in Phuket
Of course, a visit to Phuket is incomplete without purchasing local souvenirs. In this beginner’s shopping guide, you will learn more about what you need to buy while in the island. Examples include:

• Thai Silk
Thai silk is one of the best fabrics there is, so make sure to purchase one (or more) before you go home. The best place to get luxurious Thai Silk is at any of the Jim Thompson outlets in the city.

• Thai Pearls
If you love jewelry, then make sure to visit the city’s pearl factories. Thai pearls can delight you with its different sizes and colors, ranging from black to the traditional white. For a hassle-free experience, make sure to visit accredited factories.

Beginner’s Guide to Shopping in Phuket

• Batik
A top choice amongst numerous tourists, Batik should definitely be included in your souvenir shopping bag. This colorful print is usually seen in sarongs, bags and clothes. According to Phuket locals, the best place to purchase Batik souvenirs is at Chai Batik along Chaofa East Road.

Shopping in Thailand can be tricky, but this beginner’s guide to shopping can help you get excellent souvenirs. As long as you mind these tips, you can have a fun, penny-pinching shopping experience in Phuket!

Beginner’s Guide to Shopping in Phuket