top 10 things to do in phuket for couples

Top 10 things to do in Phuket for Couples

Beautiful and serene, Thailand is a top choice for couples on a honeymoon. With its dreamy destinations and romantic Phuket hotels, the island sprawls with romantic activities for newlyweds. So if you and your spouse are headed for the island, then make sure to do these top 10 things to do in Phuket for couples.

Go on a Romantic Dinner

After a swim in the beach, culminate your night with a romantic dinner. Whether it’s a simple beachside bistro or exclusive restaurants in Phuket hotels, what matters most is the person you eat with.

Live in a Private Villa

Make the most of your honeymoon by living in a private villa. Secluded and peaceful, this exclusive offer by some Phuket Villas that gives you the retreat that you both deserve.

Go Island Hopping

Enjoy the natural beauty of Thailand’s many islands by going on an island tour. Make your honeymoon even more romantic by renting a private boat.

Dive Together

Revel in the view of colorful fishes and coral reefs by diving with your partner. Learn the basics during your honeymoon at the many diving schools around the island.

…or Snorkel Together

If diving proves to be a taxing task for both you, you can always settle with a couples snorkeling tour. Holding hands together while exploring the pristine Andaman Sea is nothing short of a romantic honeymoon idea.

Go Kayaking Together

Explore Phang Nga Bay or the Phi Phi islands by kayaking together. The limestone formations and underground caves are excellent romantic backdrops for your honeymoon adventure.

Watch the Sunset Together

The sunset is romantic by itself, so make sure to enjoy this vista (among other great sceneries) at the Phromthep Cape viewpoint.

Go on Couples Cooking Classes

Learn how to create tasty treats for your significant other by enrolling in cooking classes. You both will surely become Thai cuisine masters by the end of your honeymoon.

Engage in Couples Spa Treatments

Spa treatments are nice to have by yourself, but they are better if you have them with a significant other. Relax your mind and body by availing of twosome spa packages, which are available in most Phuket hotels.

Party the Night Away

Celebrate your honeymoon by partying the night away! Just remember to drink moderately, so you can go back to the Phuket hotels safely.* top 10 things to do in Phuket for couples