Flying Hanuman

Do you like to zip through the sky well above a jungle? Then Flying Hanuman in Kathu is just the right destination for you. Flying Hanuman is an eco-friendly and well-maintained spot that explores jungles in an aerial way. The place is superbly designed with superior artistic touches to the area. The most vital aspect of the spot is the equipment supplied at the ground level. The personal pulley allows people to zip line to line.

All platforms of the Flying hanuman are made of wood supported by industrial cables. These hold a multiple tones of force with high class maintenance induced from time to time. The fact is that these cables can rub against the separate trees so wooden docks are used to keep them apart. Those participating in the activity adorn the bright yellow pulleys as well as the orange safety helmets steering through the air up the hill and into the forest.

The provision of Flying hanuman offers 100% Phuket jungle experience. You visit to Phuket really remains incomplete without indulging into this completely fabulous experience of flying in the air. It is that amazing glide that provides supreme thrill and excitement to participants. The facility is environmentally safe, based solidly on nature.