Thai Hua Museum

With its magnificent building dating back to 1934, The museum is considered by many as a continually progressing museum. However, what you probably did not know is that this architectural wonder was not destined to be a museum at first. It was built as the Phuket Thai Hua School, a Thai-Chinese language school for local families of Chinese origin. However, over the past years, it has been renovated periodically to feature several angles of Phuket’s history.

Constructed on the famous Sino-Portuguese structure, the Thai Hua Museum features an open-to-sky courtyard, which is the highlight of this style of constructions. You can enjoy the garden for its exquisite fauna, but what will mostly take your breath away is the age-old tools related to tin mining.

Once inside, you can experience interactive history displays which are meant to excite children but also sneak their way to amuse adults’ hearts. The displays are designed to provide each visitor with rich knowledge on the history of Phuket. These aside, sections of the old school contribute to making the Thai Hua Museum more of a fun learning center for all ages. Therefore, you can forget about it being another boring museum.

You can indulge in other aspects of Phuket by walking through the museum’s interesting exhibition rooms or by watching Thai and Chinese-dubbed short films that come with English subtitles. You can explore this cultural monument on your own or choose a guide and indulge in the rich experience of Phuket’s history.