Baan Chinpracha House

Baan Chinpracha House

Do you have a thirst for history and antique architecture? If you thought, ‘Yes’, then Baan Chinpracha is a perfect place to add to your Thai journey. Also known as the ‘Chinpracha House’, the mansion withstood a period of more than 100 years. Age aside, what makes this mansion exciting is that the direct descendants of the original owner who built this house in 1903 are still living in this place.

Known for its vintage Italian tiles, antique furniture from Europe and China, and photographs of the Tandavanitj clan, this century-old place has reeled in more than tourists. It is a magnet for movie makers as well. You probably have seen Baan Chinpracha House in the film ‘Heaven and Earth’ or in the famous TV series ‘The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles’.

If there is one aspect that is considered the most cleverly-built and most attractive, that would be the inner courtyard. Open to the exquisite blue sky, it once served as a gathering place for the women of the house as they carried out with their chores. Now, it regulates the air and keeps the place cool on hot days.

Description of Baan Chinpracha House

You should not miss the kitchen either because it provides a glimpse of the old times through its stoves, cooking utensils, and kerosene lamps. However, highlight of this room is the food carriers known as ‘pinto’. These look like present-time lunch boxes and are used for carrying food to temples, family, and friends.

So, don’t miss out on Baan Chinpracha house while visiting the beautifully exotic Phuket.