Phuket Shopping Malls

Phuket Shopping Malls

Most people visit Thailand for a relaxing vacation, although most end up with unbelievable shopping sprees. And why not? Phuket shopping malls rival those of the west with their branded stores and cheap prices. Most importantly, tourists get an additional 7% VAT refund.

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Phuket Shopping Malls

Shopping Malls in Patong

Patong, without a doubt, is the most famous area in the island. Home to many beaches, retail shops abound in Patong as well.

The most famous shopping mall in Patong, without a doubt, is Jungceylon. Larger than life with its 200 stores, it trumps smaller beach walk shopping malls.

Another renowned shopping mall in Patong is Banana Walk, located along Beach Road. This three-floor retail center, like other Phuket shopping malls, is ripe with stores, theaters and restaurants.

For a shopping mall in Patong with cheaper deals, make sure to visit Ocean Bangla Shopping Plaza. Here, you can purchase clothes, accessories, home décor and gadgets for a small price. As long as you know how to bargain, you can get these items at half the price of Phuket shopping malls.

Beach Walk Shopping Mall

If you plan dislike the hurly burly of shopping malls in Patong, you can enjoy a tamer shopping experience at beach walk shopping malls.

At Chalong Bay, there is the Home Pro Village beach walk shopping mall. While it is not as big as other Phuket shopping malls, buyers can purchase souvenirs, gadgets and cameras here.

Reveling in the beauty of Rawai beach? You can do your shopping at the Tesco Lotus beach walk shopping mall. A good place to buy food and other basic necessities, this is one of the Phuket shopping malls that offer several dining options.

If plan on staying at Mai Khao beach, you can rely on the exquisite Turtle Village mall. Located near the Anantara resort, this 3,000 square-meter beach walk shopping mall is a hub for shopping, eating and everything else in between.

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With the many Phuket shopping malls, you can fulfill all of your retail desires. Whether you visit a shopping mall in Patong, or a beach side shopping center, you will surely enjoy great goods – at cheaper prices!