kata noi beach phuket

Kata Noi Beach

Kata Noi Beach

Kata Noi Beach is proof that good things can come in small packages, since this beach is quite small, stretching less than a kilometer long, yet is one of the most picturesque in Phuket, with soft white sands, turquoise waters that are crystal clear from up close and the emerald foliage of a dense jungle as its backdrop. Because of this, most of the people who come here do so to admire the enchanting scenery and are content to find little else.

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On The Beach Of Kata Noi On The Beach Of Kata Noi

On The Beach Of Kata Noi

Located right next to Kata Beach, Kata Noi is just a small yet very scenic beach, ideal for honeymooners as well as singles looking for some peace of mind. The beach is relatively secluded, as well, since it is located on a dead end, which only lends to the relaxing atmosphere.

Kata Noi Beach Activities

While Kata Beach may be the destination for surfers, Kata Noi Beach is also an excellent place to surf from May to October. During this time, swimming is not recommended because of the large waves. However, from December to April, the waters are contrastingly tranquil, making swimming a good, if not very tempting, option. Sea kayaks, hobie cats and banana boats are also available for rent.

Kata Noi Beach Facilities

There are not as many sunbed rental outlets here as in Kata Beach or Karon Beach – in fact, most sunbeds are not for rent but owned by Katathani Resort, the largest resort in the area. There are still sunbeds to be found, though, along with beach umbrellas. While there are no public toilets on the beach, beachgoers are welcome to use the ones at the hotel.

Kata Noi Beach Restaurants

The restaurants closest to the Kata Noi Beach are those inside the Katathani resort, which include two Thai restaurant, a grilled seafood restaurant, an Italian restaurant and a restaurant serving Mediterranean cuisine, all of which are fine dining establishments. There are also more affordable options, though on the left side of the road leading to the beach, while more restaurants await just over the hill at Kata Beach.

Kata Noi Attractions – Things To See Around Kata Noi Beach

There is not much else to see on Kata Noi Beach other than the sand and the sea, but if you are willing to take a short drive, Kata Viewpoint, now known as Karon Viewpoint and Khao Saam Haad to the locals, is just nearby, offering equally mesmerizing views of Kata Noi Beach from above ground, as well as views of the neighboring beaches.

Kata Noi Shopping

Apart from a convenience store and a few tailor shops, there aren’t many options for Kata Noi shopping. You only need to walk a short distance, though, to get to the shops at Kata Beach which sell handicrafts for souvenirs and various other goods.