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Karon Beach

Karon Beach

Karon Beach may only come second to Phuket in terms of number of visitors but that doesn’t mean that it is any less attractive. In fact, Karon Beach is even closer to being the slice of paradise that many tourists envision when they think of Phuket – a long stretch of powdery, white sand framed with crystal blue waters – and the fact that the crowd here is not as thick as the one on Patong Beach is an added bonus.

There is more to Karon Beach than just the beach, though. On Karon Plaza, one can find a number of guesthouses and dining establishments while handicraft shops and cafes await at Aroona Plaza. There is also a beautiful temple here and a section where local painters work to master their craft all day.

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On The Beach of Karon

Karon Beach stretches over three miles long, making it longer than Patong Beach. The southern part is where most of the beachfront establishments are located while the northern end is fairly secluded, ideal for a stroll. Because of its relaxed atmosphere, Karon Beach is a particular favorite of vacationing couples and families.

Karon Beach Activities

From November to April, the waters of Karon Beach are clear and calm, making them ideal for swimming, even for young children. From May to October, though, the waves may be large and dangerous swells may also occur so exercising caution is recommended.

For those who are looking for more exciting activities, snorkeling equipment can be rented from certain establishments on the beach, as well as jet-skis, banana boats and sea kayaks. There are also para sailing operators here for those who want that pump of adrenaline.

Playing volleyball on the beach is also an option, with more space available for the sport. It is especially popular during the late afternoons when the sun is no longer too strong or after sunset when the sun has begun to fade.

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Karon Beach Facilities

Just as on Patong Beach, sunbeds, beach chairs, tables and beach umbrellas are available for rent on Karon Beach. There aren’t any public toilets, though, so you’ll have to go to one of the nearby restaurants to use theirs for a small fee.

Karon Beach Restaurants

The restaurants on Karon Beach are not as many as those on Patong Beach but there is still a wide selection to choose from. Thai and seafood restaurants are especially abundant, but there are also restaurants serving steak and pizza, as well as Scandinavian and Italian food.

Karon Beach Attractions – Things To See Around Karon Beach

While the main attraction on Karon Beach is the beach itself, there are also other things to see and experience for those who come this way.

Dino Park

Located right next to the Marina Phuket Resort and open 24/7, Dino Park is a dinosaur-themed 18-hole mini-golf course. Indeed, there are different kinds of dinosaurs here, including the well-known T-rex and triceratops, which either stand on watch from the sides or form part of the course obstacles. There are also jungle sounds all around.

There is also a bar and a restaurant here for those who have built up an appetite after playing a round of golf, both of which look like part of a Flinstones movie set and serve good, hearty food to boot.

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Wat Suwan Khiri Ket

Just as there is a temple in the midst of all the bustling atmosphere on Patong Beach, you will find a lovely temple here on Karon Beach, as well, known as the Wat Suwan Khiri Ket. The temple’s central hall, which is guarded by two enormous and elaborately carved snakes, is especially astonishing, while the black statue of Buddha inside is a rare find.

Karon Beach Activities – Things To Do In And Around Karon Beach

The atmosphere on Karon Beach is so peaceful and relaxing that you might just feel compelled to lounge on the beach all day. If you’re looking for other things to do, though, there are a handful of Karon Beach Activities that you can choose from.

Beach Activities

There is a reef on the northern end of Karon Beach that you can explore by borrowing some snorkelling equipment or you can simply swim around for as long as you like as long as there are no red flags up. You can row around in a banana boat or a sea kayak, too. If you want something more thrilling, go ahead and rent out a jet-ski or try parasailing. You can join locals for a game of volleyball, as well.

Sports Activities

Aside from beach volleyball and watersports activities, you can play a round of mini-golf at the nearby Dino Park. While it may look like something designed for kids, the game is challenging enough even for adults, and of course, loads of fun.

Cultural Activities

Get a taste of Thai culture by learning how to cook Thai food at one of the restaurants on Karon Beach. Some even help you pick the best ingredients at the local market and then cook well-loved Thai dishes just as spicy and flavorful as you like them.

Spa & Wellness Activities

Getting a Thai massage is a must while staying in Phuket, and you can enjoy it at one of the wellness centers on Karon Beach. You can pamper yourself with other popular spa treatments, as well, so that you can end up being truly rejuvenated. There are also yoga centers here so you can refresh your mind along with your body.

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Karon Beach Shopping

The shops on Karon Beach may not be scattered around like those on Patong Beach but there are still quite a lot that you can buy from to meet your needs and gather souvenirs.

Karon Plaza

Karon Plaza is a covered bazaar where you can find practically anything, from designer rip-offs to local handicrafts that make excellent souvenirs, all at relatively cheap prices, though feel free to ask for a better bargain.

Aroona Plaza

Located near the Old Phuket Resort, the Aroona Plaza complex consists mostly of shops selling handicrafts that you can bring home to waiting friends and loved ones.

Hilton Phuket Arcadia

In front of one of the biggest hotels on Karon Beach, you can find a row of souvenir shops, selling not just Thai souvenirs but also other popular products from other parts of Asia. Though quite pricey, you can expect only the finest quality.