phuket airport

Phuket Airport

Phuket Airport

phuket airport

Phuket airport (HKT) is the third-busiest strip in Thailand, given the large number of tourists flying to the island. As the gateway to Asia’s premiere beach destinations, it accommodates hundreds of airlines, such as Thai Airways and Bangkok Airways.


Phuket airport is located at Tambon Mai Khao in Amphoe Talang. It is situated north of the island, about 32 kilometers from the heart of the city.

The airstrip has only one runway, measuring 3,000 by 45 meters.

There are three terminals available for use. Terminal 1 services international airlines. Terminal 2 is for domestic flights serviced by local airlines such as Thai Airways and Bangkok Airways.

Terminal X, on the other hand, is for chartered flights.


Phuket airport is utilized by a number of airlines. Local companies operating here include Thai Airways, Bangkok Airways, City Airways, Nok Air, Thai AirAsia and Thai Smile.

Big international airlines land at here as well. They include Qatar Airways, Etihad Airways and Emirates.


Basic facilities include restrooms and elevators, with some specially made for disabled passengers.

Should you need to be in touch with somebody after exiting your Thai Airways flight, there are payphones available in the Phuket airport.

If you want a mobile phone with you for the rest of your stay, there are handsets for rent and SIM cards for sale.

In case you need to get connected, Internet services are offered on the first floor.

Money Services

Thai Baht is the currency used in the country. You can have your foreign money exchanged to the local currency at any of the four money changers on the first floor.

You can withdraw your savings as well – in Thai Baht – by using any of the airport’s ATM machines. Do note that your card has to have a “Cirrus” sign so that you can utilize the ATM machines. Service fees apply.

If you are looking forward to a fun Thai vacation, then the Phuket airport is your pit stop. As the access way for flag-carrier Thai Airways and other airlines, this hub can provide you with all your flying needs.