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Patong Beach

Patong Beach

Where All The Fun Happens In Phuket

For most of the tourists coming to Phuket, Patong Beach is the place to head out to, which is hardly a surprise considering the myriad of delights that the area has to offer. Whether you are looking forward to relaxing on a stretch of golden sand with the endless blue ocean in front of you or partying your worries away, Patong Beach is a sprawling invitation for you to enjoy your stay in Phuket.

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Patong Beach is located on the western coast of the island, with the beach stretching over two miles. During the day, people can take part in various sports and recreational activities on the beach or go shopping and sightseeing around the town. At night, Patong is transformed into a party paradise, with majority of the streets echoing the beat from the bars and disco clubs. Soi Bangla, in particular, provides the pulse of the nightlife in Patong, closing itself to traffic and opening up to a whole night of entertainment that picks up around midnight and lasts well into the break of dawn.

Patong Beach offers plenty of sun and sand for those who have come to Phuket for it. In fact, this golden sand beach stretches 2.2 miles and like the rest of the island.

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Patong Beach Activities

For those who simply want to relax, you can rent out a sunbed or a beach chair, bake in the sun and even get a Thai massage from a masseuse passing by. You can also rent out a sun umbrella if you don’t want to get a tan and sip a drink while enjoying the beautiful scenery.

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If you want to go swimming, feel free to do so. Keep in mind, though, that from May to October, there may be times when the waves are too large and so swimming may be prohibited. During the rest of the year, the waters are usually calm with hardly any waves, making them safe even for children and tempting beach loungers to go in for a dip.

The northern part of the beach is especially ideal for swimming, since the water here is crystal clear and shallow, whereas the other end is the entrance to a fishing village, so there may be boats anchored near the shore.

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In addition to swimming, snorkeling is also possible a short distance from the shore, while jet-skis, waterskis, kayaks and banana boats are also available for rent. If you want to stay on land, you are welcome to join a local beach volleyball match, as well.

Patong Beach Facilities

Patong has the most facilities of any beach in Phuket, so you will easily find most of the stuff you need for fun and relaxation. There are also public toilets which are clean enough, though not free, and if you want to go somewhere cleaner, there are plenty of restaurants and hotels that are right on the beach that you can go to.


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If you don’t plan on leaving the beach all day, then you can just buy food from those who rent out sunbeds and beach chairs and they will be more than happy to serve you your meals. For a wider selection of food, though, you can head to the Beach Road, which is a whole row of restaurants and cafes.

One of the things you’ll notice while spending time at Patong is that there are plenty of vendors going around. You can buy food from these vendors, as well, along with an assortment of souvenirs. Be prepared to haggle if you want to buy something, but if not, simply shake your head at the vendor or say ‘No, thank you’ and you’ll be left alone.