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Muay Thai Boxing

Muay Thai Boxing

Muay Thai Boxing is one of the most popular and spectator sports in Thailand. The martial art Muay Thai is an exciting activity that consists of furious punches, lethal kicks, crushing elbow strikes and more. Thailand’s national sport Muay Thai Boxing is a spectacle in itself with crows of onlookers and cheers blended with drums and finger crumbles that accompany the events.

The Soi Sai Nemyen in Patong is a specially built stadium where tourists can enjoy the game of Boxing. It is in fact a ceremony that consists of loud music and spectacular matches with special beginnings of each match and the frenzied betting carried on in the stadium.

Each of the fights consists of five rounds of three minutes each. The fights are accompanied with music serving as stimulant during the rise and fall of the sessions. All surfaces of the body of the players are considered as fair targets. The common blows include high kicks to the neck, knee hooks to the ribs, elbow thrusts to face and head and more.

The ancient art of Thai Boxing is fascinating to watch. Fighters usually train for long hours and steel their resolves for the task. The great pomp and show in the ring of Muay Thai Boxing is a must watch for any tourist travelling to the exotic island of Phuket.

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