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Naka Weekend Market

Naka Weekend Market

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Naka Weekend Market Phuket is located along the Chao Fa West Road. Being just outside Phuket Town, it is a convenient stop for all shoppers and tourists looking for secondhand goods. Along with that, you can also find pirated items and live animals. And once you are done with all the shopping and bargaining, you can enjoy the local snacks that are available in this market.

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You can get awesome bargains on T-shirts and denims. If you are a tourist then you can find some cheap souvenirs. It is also a haven for all those looking for  DVDs and CDs as well as fashion goods and accessories such as artificial jewelry, shoes, watches and bags. It is always recommended to give naka weekend market a visit, even if you are not interested in buying. Who knows, you might end up finding something you were looking for! You are advised to reach the market before the 4:30pm slot, as it gets crowded and finding parking gets particularly difficult. Opening hours of this market are Saturdays and Sundays, from 4:00pm till 9:00pm.

Phuket Weekend Market Naka Weekend Market Phuket