phuket waterfalls

Phuket Waterfalls

Phuket Waterfalls

It is quite a rare sight to find Thai families spending the day out on the western coast beach if the sun is shining high. They will usually head to the shadier Phuket’s west coast beaches, parks and the amazing waterfalls. So, that’s the real way to cool and socialize, absolutely Thai-style!

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Pictures of Phuket Waterfalls

The Bang Pae, Kathu and Ton Sai are the most famous phuket waterfalls. These are located in Khao Phra Theao National Park, east of Phuket. The park region is the last vestige of virgin topical forests on the island. It is also home to many exotic animals such as barking deer, topical birds and various kinds of monkeys.

Activities near Phuket Waterfalls

Bang Pae waterfall in the Khao Phra Thaeo National Park in Thalang in the north of Phuket is quite popular for those on the island. The place is usually used as a popular recreational site for islanders. It is the ideal destination for swimming in the hot season. Visitors can enjoy a meal at restaurants near the car park by the lake. It is biggest Phuket waterfall. Local hiking enthusiasts choose the spot in the countryside and nearby hills.

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Pictures of Phuket Waterfalls

Kathu waterfall is nothing like a huge shower of water dropping downhill but is a series of drop pools. Simply enjoy your day out and then come down to snack and buy water. The nearby attractions are Flying Hanuman and Palazzo, a dinner show.

Immerse in the nature by visiting the Ton Sai waterfall in the northeastern part of Phuket. It is in the inland, far from the beaches but visitors find the road heading to the waterfall enticing.

A lesser known Ao Yon Noi Beach near the Cape Panwa also houses a waterfall. The way up to the top of this waterfall is difficult due to sharp rocks. So, make sure to wear good shoes as you will have to thread to the high area. There are several drop pools in the place but big enough to bathe and have a great time. The jungle closes near but it is a cool spot to visit if you are looking to spend an afternoon bathing in the pool.