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Patong Beach Attractions

Patong Beach Attractions

Things To See Around Patong Beach

Patong Beach Attractions may be best known for its vibrant and sometimes crazy nightlife as well as its beautiful beach, Patong Beach Attractions has more to offer than just that, so you are welcome to look around and make your own memorable discoveries during your stay.

Wat Patong (Wat Suwan Khiri Wong)

Wat Suwan Khiri Wong, or Wat Patong as it is commonly called, is a Buddhist temple and the center for religious worship in Patong Beach. The complex consists of beautiful pieces of architecture and also provides a quiet atmosphere which is a refreshing contrast to the pulsating beat and bustle of Patong Beach Attractions.

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Boon Kaw Kong Shrine

This shrine on the slope of Patong Hill may be a small one but it is visited by many people, especially those who want their wishes granted. Sometimes, you will see people lighting firecrackers here, which is usually a gesture of thanksgiving for an answered prayer.

Kathu Shrine

The home of Phuket’s Vegetarian Festival, Kathu Shrine has a beautiful architecture, having been renovated and expanded over the years, and also houses some religious relics and historical items to explore on your Patong Beach Attractions trip.

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Shell World Museum

Located inside the Jungceylon Shopping Center, the Shell World Museum houses unique and impressive seashells, the collection of Somwang Patamakanthin or ‘Jom’ as he is fondly called locally, whose family also owns the fascinating Seashell Museum in Rawai. There are hundreds of shells here gathered from all over the world, including a giant clam shell, pretty Nautilus shells, white conch shells, Murex shells and a fossilized Ammonite.

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Kathu Mining Museum

Although Phuket is now renowned for its tourism, it once drew visitors from all over the world because of its tin mining industry and the Kathu Mining Museum provides a peek into this part of Phuket’s rich heritage. Entrance is free for all ages but donations are welcome.

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