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Nai Yang Beach

Nai Yang Beach

Nai Yang Beach is the closest beach to Phuket international Airport. Rather than being a tourist favorite, though, it is more popular among the locals and is in fact, the beach were local families come to spend a day out.

This doesn’t mean, though, that tourists are not welcome here. You can go ahead and mingle with the locals here and even play a game of volleyball with them. You can spend some time alone lounging on the beach, too, which is covered in white sand, framed with turquoise waters and backed by a grove of casuarina trees – just as scenic as any other beach on this slice of paradise called Phuket.

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On The Beach Of Nai Yang

The Beach of Nai Yang is the favorite of the locals, so you can find families having fun here, especially on the weekends. Even so, the beach is never too crowded or too hectic – just lively on one end and completely quiet on the other, affording both a friendly and relaxing atmosphere that still allows on to appreciate the enchanting scenery.

Nai Yang Beach Activities

If you feel tempted by the calm, blue waters, go ahead and take the plunge. Swimming, after all, is a popular pastime here and is a good idea all year long on the northern edge of the beach, where the water never becomes too choppy. On the central and southern sections of the beach, swimming is good from November to April but red flags might be up during the rest of the year due to large waves and turbulent swells.

Kite surfing is also a popular sport here, with a kite surfing school open from June to August when the conditions for the sport are just right. Snorkeling is an option, as well, since there is a reef a short distance from the shore, as well as diving for those who want to go farther out. In fact, there are two diving schools here, which also offer dive tours to Similan Island, which is about two hours away and considered to be one of the best diving spots on the planet.

If you don’t want to get soaked, you can just take a stroll along the beach, walking to as far as the boundary of the airport so you can watch the planes come in and take off, or even as far as the park on the northern end, which is a natural treasure trove.

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Nai Yang Beach Facilities

Sunbeds and parasols are available for rent here, and there are also public toilets behind the row of shops at the back of the beach, which charge a small fee. There is also a covered area towards the northern end of the beach where one can enjoy a Thai massage.

Nai Yang Beach Restaurants

Informal, family-friendly eateries are the main dining options available here on Nai Yang Beach, usually near the center of the beach, offering simple yet hearty Thai and some western fare.

Nai Yang Beach Attractions – Things To See Around Nai Yang Beach

Apart from the beach itself, the main attraction around Nai Yang Beach is Sirinath National Park, one of Phuket’s national treasures.

Sirinath National Park

Covering an area of 90 square kilometers of both sea and land area, Sirinath National Park is located at the southern end of Nai Yang Beach. The sea area encompasses beautiful coral reefs that beckon divers while the land area has a mangrove forest and is home to various plants and birds. Sea turtles are also occasionally spotted in the area, both in the water and on land, while nesting.

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Wat Nai Yang

Like a number of the other beaches in Phuket, there is a temple close to Nai Yang Beach called Wat Nai Yang. Aside from admiring the interesting structures of the temple complex, you are also free to participate in the aerobic sessions held here whenever you chance upon one.

Nai Yang Beach Activities – Things To Do In And Around Nai Yang Beach

While Nai Yang Beach is never too hectic, it bustles with a good amount of activities for visitors looking for something other than sunbathing to choose from.

Beach Activities

Swimming is a good option on the northern side of the beach all year long, and also on the other parts of the beach for certain months of the year. Kite surfing, kite boarding, snorkeling and diving opportunities are also available.

Cultural Activities

Some of the resorts on Nai Yang Beach offer Thai cooking classes so you can recreate the memorable dishes you’ve sampled during your vacation when you get back home for friends and loved ones.

Spa & Wellness Activities

Like many other resorts, the resorts here have spas where you can indulge in a variety of wellness treatments to rejuvenate your mind and body. Some even teach you the basics of Thai massage so you can share it with others when you return home. Yoga sessions can also be arranged.


At the Sirinath National Park, there are nature trails that you can follow so you can spend a day trekking and taking snapshots of the beautiful, unspoilt natural scenery.

Nai Yang Beach Shopping

There are not too many shops on Nai Yang Beach. In fact, there is only the single row of shops at the back of the beach selling beachwear and other beach essentials, as well as a lone convenience store.

Nai Yang Market

On Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, particularly in the afternoon, the local market opens, providing tourists and locals alike a place to shop for fresh local produce as well as clothes, handicrafts and cooked Thai snacks.