top 10 restaurants in phuket

Top 10 Restaurants in Phuket

Top 10 Restaurants in Phuket Top 10 Restaurants in Phuket where to eat in phuket

With the many restaurants in Phuket, you might find it hard to decide where to dine. Get your fill of the best food in Phuket by following the NowPhuket Top 10 restaurants in Phuket:

Krachang / Floating Restaurants

While most restaurant guides choose fancy bistros, the truth of the matter is the Floating Restaurants in Phuket are the best. Locally known as Krachang, they offer popular food in Phuket, such as deep-fried soft shell crab and fried shrimp with tamarind sauce.

Breeze at Cape Yamu

As one of the newest restaurants in Phuket, Breeze at Cape Yamu has become a fast favorite amongst tourists. Highlighted by a 12-label wine list, it offers the most creative food to enjoy the top 10 restaurant guide in Phuket.

Mom Tri’s Kitchen at Villa Royal

When it comes to fine dining, restaurants guide recommend Mom Tri’s Kitchen at Villa Royal. Apart from serving excellent food in Phuket, the bistro offers an extensive wine selection as well.


Acqua is located in Kalim Beach, a known hub for restaurants in Phuket. True to its’ name, it specializes in seafood. Listed in most restaurant guides, this restaurant is also known for its overwhelming wine list to enjoy the top 10 restaurant guide in Phuket.

Kan Eang at Pier

A favorite amongst restaurant guides, Kan Eang at the Pier is known for serving unique, flavorful food in Phuket. Matching its great menu are the appetite-whetting vistas of the sea.

Pak Nam Seafood Restaurant

Savor the flavor of freshly-caught food in Phuket at Pak Nam Seafood Restaurant. Located at the foot of Monkey Hill, it offers an appetizing menu and beautiful views of the city.

Pan Yaah Restaurant

Pan Yaah is one of the restaurants in Phuket that open to the lovely views of the sea. Located by the coastline, it is one of Patong’s best bets when it comes to seafood to enjoy the top 10 restaurants in Phuket.

Mor Mu Dong Restaurant

Not all the best restaurants in Phuket are in the city, as evidenced by Mor Mu Dong Restaurant. Hidden by a bevy of mangroves, this isolated diner specializes in whole fish steamed in salt crust.

Bangpae Seafood

Get to taste the best food in Phuket – Tom Yum – at Bangpae Seafood. Although simple in décor, its tasty treats make it a favorite by most penny-pinching to enjoy the top 10 restaurant guide in Phuket.

Ka Jok See Restaurant

It is a must that you eat Thai food in Phuket. So when in town, make sure to visit the Ka Jok See Restaurant. Not only is it one of the best local restaurants in Phuket, it is a great place to party to enjoy the top 10 restaurant guide in Phuket

Now Phuket Top 10 restaurants in Phuket