Fish 4 Thought phuket restaurant

Fish 4 Thought

Fish 4 Thought is a special treat for locals and tourists alike. Expert in European and Thai cookery delights, equally in conventional and Thai style. Their food is highly suggested from traditional “Pla Nueng Manao” to a bowl of Clams in White Wine along with a delicious French rosé drink. The most famous of all is Crab Curry with Noodles which will certainly not disappoint you. Fish 4 Thought has a very bright and cheery theme, the restaurant is very breezy and airy, so al-fresco diners can enjoy on white decks with cozy white tables and chairs and from the inside restaurant is embellished with period knick knacks and retro pieces, old framed photos and family bits and pieces which gives a very warm and historical sentiment.

Address: 5/1 Viset Road, Rawai, Phuket, Thailand
Phone: 081 272 6005