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Surfing Phuket

Phuket Surfing

Surfing Phuket

When you think waves as big as houses and surfers shooting the tube; think of spectacular wipe outs. In surfing Phuket is a regular activity in the tepid, smooth waves for most people. If you think that the waters may not be great for surfing, think again. Phuket has a lively community of surfers that live there. There are people that come back again and again to have the amazing tryst with the tepid waves of the Andaman Sea.

Surfing Phuket is a big advantage of this activity is mostly up between the months of April and September. It is during this time when prices are lower in general of what they are during the peak season. Many enthusiasts find Phuket surfing have waves that can be surfed. Being quite challenging sport for beginners and even those in that are in the advanced level.

Phuket’s West Coast is gaining as a surf destination. With this not really being a major sporting pastime in Phuket there are very few places that offer lessons or even rent boards. There is the benefit for the surfer to head to the Kata Beach where the waves are ideal for th e sporting activity. There are instructors available as well that assist aspiring surfers to get the most excitement from the sporting activity.

Phuket surfing contest

The Phuket surfing contest is held at the Kata Beach that usually takes place in mid-September. There is also the Kalim Surf Contest held in the Kalim Beach and Kamala Go Surfing Contest that takes place at the northernmost end of Kamala Beach. The Bang Tao Beach Surfing, Karon Beach Surfing, Kata Beach Surfing, Nata Koi Beach Surfing, Mai KhaoBeach Surfing and more are quite popular.