paradise beach phuket

Paradise Beach

Paradise Beach

Located right across the busy Patong Beach, Paradise Beach easily lives up to its name with its stunning scenery of white sands met by tranquil turquoise waters. Verdant hills fringe either end, along with piles of rocks where one can take pictures. The real paradise, though, lies underwater, particularly in the reef that lies not too far from the shore, which is home to schools of colorful fish.

Paradise Beach Activities

Snorkeling is the most popular activity here, with snorkeling equipment available for rent right on the beach. Swimming, however, is also an option and unlike on other beaches, is safe most of the year since the reef acts as a natural breakwater. Long tail boats, sea kayaks and body boards are also available for rent.

For those who want to go into the water with a splash – literally – there is a ball swinging from a tree on one end of the beach that you can hop into and then let go just above the water.

Paradise Beach Facilities

Sun loungers and parasols can be rented out here for those who want to simply relax on the beach. While there are no public toilets, there are facilities at the restaurant nearby.

Paradise Beach Restaurants

There is only one restaurant in the beach area, which offers both Thai and international food, but is especially known for its great, freshly prepared seafood.