laem ka beach phuket

Laem Ka Beach

Laem Ka Beach

Laem Ka Beach may be one of the smaller beaches in Phuket at only 150 meters long, but it is quite stunning, with calm turquoise water soft white sands and islands hovering over the horizon. It is also a sheltered beach so you will find plenty of shade here to have a picnic under, which is what many locals do, although if you want to bathe in the sun, you’ll surely be able to find a good spot.

Laem Ka Beach Laem Ka Beach

Laem Ka Beach Activities

Although Laem Ka faces the eastern side of the island of Phuket, it offers good swimming almost all year long. Apart from swimming, sunbathing and having a family picnic, though, you won’t find anything else to do here.

Laem Ka Beach Facilities

You won’t find any sunbeds here so if you want to get a tan, you’ll have to bring your beach towel. There are no public toilets here, either.

Laem Ka Beach Restaurants

On the way to Laem Ka Beach, you may pass a few restaurants and the resorts nearby also offer dining options. However, there are no restaurants right on the beach.