Phuket Strangest Museum

If anything, the name itself should invoke your interest in visiting this attraction in Phuket. Situated in the Board Rooms (previously) of the Thavorn Heritage Hotel, this amazing art museum is a gem that is yet to receive the acclaim it deserves.

If you qualify as an art lover who wishes to experience a shot of nostalgia, this place will prove worth your while and visit. The main room of the museum, with its display of volumes of old movie magazines, cinema equipment and other entertainment-related paraphernalia, will definitely take you to those tender years when such things tickled your fancy and sparked your interest.

These aside, this quirky place provides a good stash of different collectibles, ranging from lost buttons to zippers and all the way to tin toys and wine bottles. Not impressed yet? Well, here’s the museum’s most appealing attraction: a room fitted with an old pressing machine or the switchboard.

Still need more things to interest you? Here’s a list of some things you may encounter at Phuket’s Quirkiest Museum or Phuket Strangest Museum: old calculators, typewriters, telephone dispatches, fridges, and decorations. All of these are abandoned randomly around a large room and are bound to get you completely involved in the place.

So, don’t let your rational mind keep you away from the Quirkiest Museum in Phuket, Phuket Strangest Museum!