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Banzaan Fresh Market

Banzaan Fresh Market

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Located right behind the humongous Jungceylon mall is one of Phuket’s prized treasures: the Banzaan Fresh Wet Market. Despite being categorized as a local market, it has additional features that make the shopping experience even better.

Banzaan Fresh Market History

The name of Banzaan was derived from the Chinese word which means “fresh market.”
Owned by a prominent family from Phuket, this famous market was developed to give shoppers a unique experience. A far cry from the traditional fresh market in Phuket, it offers the much-needed comfort with its dry floors and clean premises.

What to Buy
The Banzaan Fresh Market in Phuket is divided into different zones. At the ground floor, you can purchase fresh food: meat, fish, fruits, vegetables and other cooking ingredients. Here, you can get your hands on exciting Thai fruits, such as the Salai (custard apple) and Dragon Fruit.
The Vegetable section is a good area to visit, as it is here where you can see odd-looking greeneries. If you plan on cooking the popular local soup Tom Yum, Banzaan is the best place to buy Galangal, Kafir Lime and Lemongrass.

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Of course, do not miss the Banzaan Market Fish section, where you can get your hands on Phuket’s best produce. Here, you can buy tuna, salmon and lobster, to the unconventional catfish and eel.

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After food shopping, take the escalator to reach the second floor of the market. Here, you can get your much-needed break. With a long line of food stalls here and there, you will have a hard time choosing one. More often than not, shoppers end up buying from every stall in the food court.

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After eating, make sure to visit the other stores in Banzaan Market. There are some stalls here that sell locally-made clothes for an affordable price. If you want to shop without getting your hands (or feet) dirty, then the Banzaan Fresh Market is the place for you. Located on Phuket’s famous Sai Kor Road, it is open daily from 6 am to 9 pm.

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