Panwa Viewpoint (Khao Khad Views Tower)

Panwa Viewpoint  (Khao Khad Views Tower) has full views of the eastern and southern Phuket. It is not a busy spot but the view is simply spectacular. Parking is nearby and spacious. There are stairs that are much of a climb but reaching the top and views of the Southern Phuket are immensely rewarding. The two level view tower features eight photo maps in Thai and English. These offer an idea of what you are gazing at.

The view from this part of the island is absolutely breathtaking. You will see the Chalong bay below to the south. Cape Panwa is Phuket’s deep water port in the east. Phuket town lies to the north, you’ll see the serene statue of Buddha atop Ko Nakkerd, which is an exotic view that looks great in any climate. It is the reason why the place is known as Khao Khad Views Tower. Looking over the Khao Khad Views Tower downhill is the restaurant known as Best Food Good View. Just keep a beer for company and enjoy the view of the Chalong Bay from here.

Head along Panwa Viewpoint in Sakdidiet Road towards Cape Panwa. After three hours you will find the Khao Khad Views Tower.