wat chalong phuket

Wat Chalong

Wat Chalong

Wats or temples are among the most vital and popular symbols of Thailand. Majority of Thais are Buddhists and the architecture is beautiful. There are 29 Buddhist Temples spread around the Phuket island alone.

Wat Chalong has been extending warm welcome to visitors for over a century. The local people come over to this place, pray and learn about Buddhism. The temple is open from seven in the morning to five in the afternoon.

Poh Than Jao Wat is one of the most vital Buddhist statues in Wat Chalong. There are two statues of Ta Khee-lek who had won many lotteries after consulting the Poh Than Jao Wat Statue. There is another statue in the hall known as Nonsi. One of the halls in the temple features the statues of ex-abbots Luan Poh Chuang, Luang Poh Cham and Luang Poh Gleum.

The grand Pagoda dominating the temple contains a splinter of Lord Buddha’s bone. It is officially known as Phramahathatchedi-Jomthaibarameepragat. The temple is decorated with wall paintings depicting the life and story of Buddha. Spent some time in the Pagoda – breezy, cool location, quite popular with visitors.

Location of Wat Chalong

Wat Chalong is about 8 km south of Phuket City. Travel along the Chao Fah Nok Road where you will find the temple on the left side of the road.