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Surin Beach

Surin Beach

Paris has St. Tropez, Malibu has Broad Beach and Phuket has Surin Beach. Indeed, Surin Beach is home to some of the most luxurious resorts and most expensive properties on the island, some of which are owned by celebrities, which is a testament to the scenic beauty of the beach, which provides sweeping views of the blue waters of the Andaman Sea and just enough mileage of white sand dotted with palm trees and overlooked by green hills.

This does not mean, though, that the beach is only open to the rich and famous. Rather, everyone is welcome to the views here, which are especially magnificent at sunset, as well as the shops and restaurants here, which are a combination of fine dining establishments worthy of Michelin stars and cozier, more affordable, family-friendly eateries.

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On The Beach Of Surin

With white sand and gleaming turquoise waters as well as a lively mix of activities, it is no wonder that the Beach of Surin attracts people from the Forbes list, along with tourists from all over the world. It is never as crowded or as hectic as Patong Beach, but rather, retains its touch of class all year long.

Surin Beach Activities

The waters of Surin Beach are fit for swimming from November to April. From May to October, though, there can be a strong undertow so you should only take a plunge if you’re an advanced swimmer, and even so, you should keep out of the water if there are any red flags up.

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Snorkeling is also a good idea from November to April, especially towards the beach ends, while good conditions for surfing come up at other times of the year, though not as good as those found on Kamala or Kata Beach.

As for jet-skis and speedboats, you won’t find any for rent here, which many actually consider to be a good thing, lending to the relaxing atmosphere.

Surin Beach Facilities

Finding sunbeds and parasols is not a problem on Surin Beach – in fact, there are more than enough for everyone. While there are no public toilets, the restaurants just behind the beach are happy to let you use theirs, sometimes for a small fee.

Surin Beach Restaurants

Surin Beach has both classy, fine dining restaurants catering to its rich clientele and humbler, family-friendly dining establishments. In terms of cuisine, you’ll have plenty to choose from, including Thai food, fresh seafood, Italian food and hearty pub fare.

Surin Beach Activities – Things To Do In And Around Surin Beach

While there is nothing much else to see aside from Surin Beach, there is quite an assortment of things to do here to keep you from getting bored.

Beach Activities

On the beach, you can try swimming – as long as there are no red flags up or you might end up having to be rescued – and surfing when the conditions are good. You can try snorkeling, as well, though most people here are content just to bathe in the sun or lounge on the beach with a good book.

Cultural Activities

Some of the restaurants here on Surin Beach offer Thai cooking classes so you can go ahead and sign up for one, especially if you feel like you can’t get enough of Thai food during your stay, which is likely.

Spa & Wellness

As expected of luxury resorts, many of the resorts on Surin Beach have spas and wellness centers which are also open to non-hotel guests. You can indulge in a Thai massage, which is at the top of the menu, at any of these or pick a few popular treatments to truly rejuvenate yourself.

Surin Beach Shopping

Like the restaurants, the shops on Surin Beach range from the upmarket ones to the small, affordable ones so you can find something to purchase as a souvenir regardless of your budget.

The Surin Plaza

The Surin Plaza is a high-class shopping emporium not far from the beach where you can buy designer clothing and fashion accessories, luxury home finishings, fine jewelry, antiques and high quality crafts.

The Beach Road

There are a few specialty shops located along the road to Surin Beach, including a diving shop, a shop selling beauty and spa products, a boutique selling Southeast Asian antiques and furniture, and a minimart stocked with holiday essentials.

Local Markets

On Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday afternoons, there are local markets near Surin Beach selling freshly harvested fruits and vegetables, as well as some handicrafts, clothes and cooked Thai snacks.