phukets weather

Phuket Weather

Phuket Weather

phuket weather

Phuket weather is described as tropical monsoonal. With the island situated close to the equator, the town enjoys a warm climate. With toasty surroundings all year round, it comes as no surprise why Phuket is a top choice amongst visitors from all around the world.

When to Visit

Although the island’s climate is generally warm (24 to 34 degrees Celsius/75 to 89 degrees Fahrenheit,) it has scorching summers and rainy monsoon months. To avoid the sweltering heat or drizzle that can dampen your plans; the best times to visit the city are from December to March. During these months, Phuket weather is described as cool and comfortable.

Summer Season

If you want to soak up the sun, then make sure to visit the island during April or May. With daytime Phuket weather hiking up to 36 degrees Celsius (95 degrees Fahrenheit,) these are the best months to frolic in the clear beach waters.

But if April and May temperatures prove too much for you, a good alternative is to visit the island during the months of June, July and August. Phuket weather during these times range from a cool 20 to a comfortable 33 degrees Celsius (70 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit.)

Do note that occasional showers visit the city during these months. These months also comprise the ‘peak season,’ so you might expect hotels, clubs and beaches to be fully crowded with tourists.

Low Season

If you wish to enjoy cool Phuket weather without numerous crowds, then the best time to visit the island is during its low season. This quieter time ranges from September to October, when occasional showers interrupt the sunny skies. Although a little drizzle might appear from time to time, there is a wealth of low season activities that you can enjoy in the city.

Without a doubt, the balmy Phuket weather makes the city a popular attraction amongst beach-loving tourists. Whether you like to sunbathe, or just enjoy the cool winds of the tropics, the island can surely give it to you.