phuket butterfly garden

Phuket Butterfly Garden

Phuket Butterfly Garden

The Phuket Butterfly garden and insect world on the Soi Paneung Yaowarat Road is one of the oldest and original attractions in the land. Opened first in 1990 there are interesting exhibitions that show the life of butterflies and insects. There is also a good collection of arachnoids that you can find at the place.

The venue has undergone a number of changes and revolutions. The new look of the Butterfly garden is impressive with a bar and leisure area where children love to feed the fishes in a specially designed pool under the ‘sala’ or open pavilion.

Phuket Butterfly Garden Attractions

The outdoor of the phuket Butterfly garden is a colorful free fry zone that houses over 6,000 breeds of butterflies. The best time to see them is to watch these on a sunny day when the butterflies are more active. Prior to entering the unique section, visitors can observe the caterpillar breeding stations. Do not miss the exhibition of the rare specimens, tarantulas, stick insects, scorpions and leaf insects.

Visitors on their way out can pass through a small well-equipped silk museum. Demonstration in the area shows the humble cocoons turning into expensive material with local methods of looming being exhibited. These are usually a prized possession that is usually an inherited treasure being passed down generations.

There is a small gift shop for those looking purchase unique butterfly souvenirs to take away with them.