Thalang Museum

Phuket has been a celebrated cultural and historical island with a timeline dating all the way back to the 16th century. Therefore, you should never be surprised by the surplus of museums on this beautiful Thai island. One of the top museums which you shouldn’t miss out on while in Phuket is the Thalang National Museum.

The museum is a proud representative of Phuket’s history and heritage. Head over there and indulge yourself in the stories of war and heroes who have kept the Thai culture alive and protected as eras passed by.

If you are a tourists who seeks to combine knowledge with pleasure, Thalang Museum will prove to be a fun and extensive edifice of information for you. After all, its four exhibition buildings and main hall are home to volumes of artifacts that document different aspects of Thai history.

The main hall alone showcases abundant information about Thai civilization. Like other tourists before you, you may feel most attracted by the sculptures on display. However, if that doesn’t satisfy your thirst for Phuket’s history and culture, you are always welcome to the first exhibition building, where pieces related to Thai archeology are placed.

After that, you can indulge yourself in the artwork depicting heroic wars or the magical world of sea gypsies. All of this is under one roof, so all you should do to enjoy it is book your ticket to Phuket and add Thalang Museum to your Must-See list.