yoga in phuket

Yoga in Phuket


In order to pacify your soul and body you need to try out Yoga in Phuket. Experienced trainers teach students to listen to the body muscles. According to them Yoga must not be treated as a stern and heavy activity; it should be performed complying with the needs of the body. The  centers of the region mostly run by foreign trainers undertake various forms and cater different environment to the learners.

Lina Zapata, a Colombian National is the master trainer of Bliss Hot Yoga Centre. She came to Phuket to learn, having the certificate started her own coaching. Her center offers both Hot Yoga and Hot Vinyasa at reasonable price. The tourists frequently attend the part time courses and purify their souls with unequipped method of keeping fitness.

Narumon Mon Vanaatichat is another leading lady in this field and she has been serving her students for the last two years. She believes that the  exercises must not be overdone as it could even harm the body muscles. She trains Hatha style to facilitate the growth of abdominal muscles.

Orasiri Ruktae-ngam and Roxanne de Guzman are two other pioneer trainers in the field. However, you may also try out Sukko Cultural Spa & Wellness and Banyan Tree Spa for training along with Spa facilities.