Phuket Bus Station

Phuket Bus Station

Phuket Bus Station

Phuket Bus Station

With an area of 570 kilometers, there is so much to see in Phuket. It is not enough that you limit your vacation in Patong Beach, as there are many types of scenery that are unique to the island. Unleash the wanderer in you by familiarizing yourself with transportation in Phuket.

Phuket Bus Station Information

The Phuket bus station is located at Thepkasatri Road, a few ways out of town. This area is relatively new, in order to accommodate transportation in Phuket and other Thai provinces.

Upon arrival, you will see several ticket counters, branded with the destinations and ticket prices. Since there are several options for transportation in Phuket, do take your time when choosing.

Once you have your ticket with you, you can proceed to waiting area. There are several rows of plastic chairs where you can sit and relax before you leave the Phuket bus station. There are LCD TVs that can keep you entertained as well.

Should you feel hungry, there is a B&B Supermarket where you can purchase food, beverages and other travel essentials.

Comfort rooms are located on one side of the terminal.

Options for Transportation in Phuket

Since travel time from the island to other local destinations can take several hours, you have the option of choosing your transportation in Phuket. If you want to travel for cheap, there are non-air-conditioned buses available. For an affordable yet comfortable ride, there are second class air-conditioned buses. But if you want maximum comfort all throughout your journey, there are first class air-conditioned coaches originating from the Phuket Bus Station.

Transportation in Phuket:Destinations

As a popular tourist site, there are many destinations serviced by the Phuket bus station. The most famous destination is Hadyai, located 7 hours away from the city. Another is Bangkok, with a trip duration that lasts 12 hours.

If you want a nearby destination that is just as stunning as the island, there is Krabi town, which is just 4 hours away from Phuket bus station.