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Kamala Beach

Kamala Beach

Kamala Beach is located right beside Patong Beach but it might as well be a world apart. Indeed, whereas its neighbor is constantly swarming with tourists and bustling with activity, Kamala Beach is less crowded and more laid-back, and as such, is preferred by couples, retirees and long-term vacationers to Phuket.

The shops and restaurants in the area reflect the relaxed atmosphere of the beach, never too hectic while still serving up quality goods and sumptuous meals. There are also some attractions not too far from the beach for those who feel like wandering around.

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On The Beach of Kamala

Kamala Beach has the same soft sands and glimmering blue waters as neighboring Patong Beach but is even more beautiful without the noise of hectic crowds and with verdant hills as its backdrop.

Kamala Beach Activities

Most of the year, especially from November to April, swimming at Kamala Beach is a good idea. From May to October, the current can be strong and the waves can be large, which is why swimming is sometimes prohibited. However, this is also the time when it is a good idea to try surfing, especially towards the northern end of the beach where the waves can be up to three metres tall.

Jet-skis and longtail boats are available for rent on the beach for those looking for a bit more adventue.

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Kamala Beach Facilities

About a third of the sunbeds on Kamala Beach are for hotel guests’ use only but the rest can be rented out together with colorful beach umbrellas. As on most beaches in Phuket, there are no public toilets right on Kamala beach, but the beachfront hotels won’t mind if you use theirs.

Kamala Beach Restaurants

Apart from a few restaurants which are part of the resorts, you won’t find fancy restaurants here. Rather, you will find a handful of Thai restaurants serving national and local specialties and some restaurants that serve Mexican food, grilled seafood and European dishes, all at fairly reasonable prices. If you don’t want to stray too far from the beach, there are also some vendors serving meals right on the beach.

Kamala Beach Attractions – Things To See Around Kamala Beach

There isn’t as much to see around Kamala Beach as there is around Patong Beach but what it does have are sights that you wouldn’t want to miss.

Phuket FantaSea

Phuket Fantasea claims to be the ultimate cultural theme park, and it’s easy to see why. Here, you will find elephants adorned in red and gold, making them seem part of a royal entourage, as well as a large koi pond, a majestic Thai palace, shops selling all sorts of goods and a sea-themed arcade for kids. The main attraction of Phuket FantaSea, though, is its grand show that kicks off every night at 9:00 P.M. – a mesmerizing carnival of dancing elephants, shadow puppets, laser and smoke effects and dancers clad in ornate Thai traditional costume showcasing the country’s myths and traditions in full spectacle.

Wat Baan Kamala

This beautiful temple was damaged during the tsunami of 2004, but there are hardly any traces of it now, giving tourists the chance to admire this religious complex, particularly its central hall and bell tower, in all its former glory, which is truly an impressive sight.

Kamala Beach Activities – Things To Do In And Around Kamala Beach

The fact that there isn’t much to do around Kamala Beach is actually one of its attractions, making it a good place for those seeking some peace and quiet this side of Phuket. If you want a little spice to your vacation, though, there are still some activities here worth looking into.

Beach Activities

Like on most of the beaches in Phuket, you can swim here as long as there are no red flags up, or surf when the waves are good, especially on the northern end of the beach. You can also try parasailing or rent a longtail boat or a sea kayak.

Sports Activities

There is not much sport going on here on Kamala Beach. However, there is a local lawn bowling club located not far from Phuket Fantasea where you can try rolling some bowls.

Cultural Activities

The Print Kamala Resort offers Thai cooking classes so if, after you’ve had a taste of Thai cuisine, you feel like you want to recreate the experience when you get back home, you can enroll in one of them.

Spa & Wellness Activities

Pamper yourself with a few hours of Thai massage, which is, of course, best done in Thailand, at one of the local spas or get a dose of the regular spa treatments. There is also a yoga center in the area for those who want to set aside some time to meditate and do their exercises.

Kamala Beach Shopping

Kamala Beach is not exactly known for its shopping but it still has some options for those wanting to give in to their inner shopaholic or simply hunting for souvenirs.

Kamala Friday Market

Every Friday afternoon near the Phuket FantaSea, the Kamala Friday Market is held, giving tourists a glimpse not just of the local merchandise but of the local culture. There are many goods that can be found here, including fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs and cooked Thai snacks, all at reasonable prices, though the vendors are always open to some courteous bargaining.

Village Market

Though not as popular or as big as the Friday Market, the Village Market held every Wednesday and Saturday is still worth a stop. Thai snacks, like dried squid, deep fried bananas, pork satay on sticks and ice cream with coconuts are particularly the bestsellers here.

Kamala Beach Plaza

Although relatively new, the Kamala Beach Plaza which is located near Kamala Dreams, is already brimming with shops that sell a wide variety of goods, from beachwear and sunglasses to small gadgets, local handicrafts and food items.