Chalong Pier

Chalong pier is one of the most popular areas in Phuket, but not because of its beach. In fact, the pier at Chalong Bay is not suitable for swimming, nor is it particularly good for sunbathing. Rather, the charms of Chalong Beach lie in the attractions around it, some of which number among the best on the island, and the variety of activities available in the area.


Chalong Pier Attractions

Things To See Around Chalong Pier

There’s nothing much to see on Chalong pier except the rows of yachts moored on the marina and the charter boats departing from the jetty, which create a bustling atmosphere especially in the mornings. There is, however, a lot to see around the area.

Wat Chalong

Of all the Buddhist temples in Phuket, Wat Chalong is the most famous, and for good reason. Aside from the fact that there are many locals who come here to pray and to offer thanksgiving, which is usually done by lighting firecrackers around the beehive-shaped structures near the sermon hall, giving you a glimpse into Thai religious culture, there is also a beautiful golden pagoda here, as well as important Buddhist statues, some of which are covered in gold and others made of wax.

Big Buddha

The Big Buddha is one of Phuket’s landmarks and it can be easily reached from Chalong Beach. It is an impressive statue made of white Burmese marble and the area around the base provides an excellent viewpoint for savoring panoramic views of Chalong Beach and other beaches, as well as Phuket Town.

Phuket Shooting Range

Although called the Phuket Shooting Range, there is much more you can do here than just shooting at clay pigeons. Rather, you can try shooting arrows here, as well, since there is an archery age and you can also fire paintball guns and airsoft BB guns at your friends or an opposing team. All-terrain vehicles are available for rent here, as well, so you can explore the area for half an hour while navigating through some steep slopes and muddy tracks.

Kinnaree Entertainment Complex

Located right next to the Phuket Shooting Range, the Kinnaree Entertainment Complex is home to the Phuket Monkey School, where one can see monkeys pulling off stunts and trying to act like humans, as well as feed the monkeys, which provides a good photo opportunity, and the Phuket Snake Farm where one can learn more about the different species of snakes found on Phuket, and even watch king cobras being charmed into dancing.

Radar Hill Viewpoint

Although Phromthep Cape is the most famous viewpoint in Phuket, Radar Hill Viewpoint is actually the highest. Not only does it provide breathtaking views of Phuket at the top, but the views along the way are also very nice, though be sure to keep your eyes on the road since there are plenty of curves here.

Chalong Pier Activities – Things To Do Around Chalong Pier

If you came to Phuket for an unforgettable adventure, then Chalong pier should be the first stop on your itinerary. From here, you can charter a boat to get to the enchanting islands off the coast or head to the highland jungles for some elephant trekking near big buddha. You can try out various sports activities, too.

Island Tours and Charters

From Chalong Pier, you can rent a boat to visit the islands off the coast, such as the Phang Nga Bay islands, the Phi Phi islands and even Similan Island. The nearest island, though, is Coral Island and it is not to be missed since it features two beautiful beaches – Long Beach, Banana beach – and has some impressive coral reefs a short distance from the shore, hence its name. You can also rent a boat just to spend a day at sea, or maybe try fishing for tuna.

Sports Activities

The Phuket Shooting Range is a venue for many sports activities, not just shooting but also archery, paintballing and ATV tours. There is also a golf course near Wat Chalong called the Phunaka Golf Course, where one can play a round of golf while being surrounded by stunning hills.

Chalong Pier Shopping

There are not too many shopping options this side of Phuket since most tourists simply use Chalong pier as a starting point for their adventures and do not really hang around long enough to buy something. If you plan on staying in the area, though, you will find everything you need at the Phuket HomePro Village, which is a decently sized mall. Fresh markets also open up every Sunday, where you can buy local handicrafts and fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as designer rip-offs and secondhand shoes and clothes.