Phuket Bike Rental Tips

Phuket Bike Rental Tips

Phuket Bike Rental

Like most of Thailand, traffic jams are common in the island. Because of this, you might think twice about renting a car.

But if you want to tour the island without walking or commuting, then a good alternative is a Phuket motorbike rental. It can accommodate 1-2 passengers, which is great for a solo wanderer or a honeymooning couple. For a few Bahts, you can roam around the city without worrying about heavy traffic.

Motorbike Rental Tips

Phuket bike rental companies offer motorcycles ranging from small scooters to superbikes. There is a wealth of choices, with the most famous brands being Yamaha, Honda and Suzuki.

The rate usually depends on the make and power of the Phuket bike rental. Models with 110cc motors are usually rented at 300 Baht per day, while more powerful bikes cost as much as 500 per day.

If you want to save money on your Phuket motorbike rental, lease the bike for a week or a month (if you plan on staying that long.) Weekly rates start at 1050- 1500 Baht, while monthly rates cost about 2000- 4500 Baht.

Phuket Bike Rental Tips

There are many Phuket bike rental companies out there, but before you take a cheap bike, think twice! Here are some tips that can assure your safety and security while biking around the island:

  1. Check the model leased by the Phuket bike rental company. Make sure that it looks well-maintained, with tires in good condition. It should have the current year’s registration. If possible, test the brakes yourself.
  2. Before considering a Phuket motorbike rental, you should have a motor biking license with you. In some cases, a driver’s license is enough.
  3. Unfortunately, there is no insurance coverage for Phuket bike rentals. To be sure, purchase travel insurance beforehand.
  4. Wear a helmet while riding your Phuket motorbike rental.

A Phuket motorbike rental is a cheap and efficient way to go around town. But before you get one, make sure to follow the aforementioned tips. These, after all, can keep you safe during your vacation.