muay thai in phuket

Muay Thai

If you come to Phuket and miss the most popular martial art form, you would simply regret it later. Muay Thai– the hardest martial art form demands your concentration and ultimate cooperation between mind and physic. Actually learners from various part of the world come here to be trained and tourists taste the essence of this hardcore martial art.

There are training camps both for youngsters and teenagers. You would be served with the best possible training according to your need. Learners interested to become professionals come with the vigor to understand the process thoroughly; on the other hand, various groups and couples join the temporary training to pursue the basic course.

There are three stages of learning- beginner, intermediate and advanced professionals as most tourists try out the first stage. Phuket offers you the best trainers who have either participated in international boxing championships or at least have achieved medals in national levels.

Training camps are organized regularly to train the in tenders. Lion Muay Thai Gym Phuket, Chalong Bay Suwit Training Camp, Chang Gym and Tiger & Mixed Martial Art camp would cater you the best and help you to have the reek of the toughest art.

Muay Thai in phuket