Getting Married in Phuket

Getting Married in phuket thailand

Destination weddings are all the rage nowadays. Instead of a traditional church or a garden, couples are Getting Married in Phuket exotic locales.

Because of the country’s natural beauty, it comes as no surprise why most prefer marriage in Thailand. If you are one of these people planning for a Phuket wedding, then here are some tips that can help you out.

Requirements for Getting Married in Phuket Thailand

If you are a foreigner planning a Phuket wedding with a Thai national, you both need to accomplish the eligibility requirements. They are:

  • Both should be of marriageable age (17 years old and above.)
  • Both should be sane and competent.
  • The couple should not have the same adoptive parents.
  • There should be no blood relations between the couple.
  • Both parties should not have spouses.

Once the requirements are met, the foreign spouse should prepare the required documents: a copy of the passport and the arrival card, marital status affidavit coming from the embassy and Thai-translated affidavit copies.

The last step is to have the marriage in Thailand registered. It can be done at the District Office or the Minor District Office.

Marriage in Thailand for Foreigners

If both parties are foreigners Getting Married in Phuket, they study the marriage requirements from their respective countries. For legal purposes, it is best if they register their union in their home nations prior to holding the wedding ceremony in Thailand.

Getting Married in Phuket  Preparation Tips

Now that you have fulfilled the requirements for marriage in Thailand, you can go ahead and plan your Phuket wedding. Here are some tips that can make a perfect “I do”:

  • Think about the weather. Thailand has a monsoonal climate, so it is important that you stay away from the rainy season. This is especially important if you want a beachside marriage in Thailand.
  • Choose wisely. There are many places and hotels that are suitable for a Phuket wedding. In order to get married at your preferred date, try to book the area at least a year ahead.
  • Seek the help of a local wedding planner. Avoid the unnecessary stress by hiring a reputable local wedding planner. He/she can facilitate your dream marriage even if you are a million miles away.

Your marriage is one of the greatest times of your life. Make it a memorable one by following these tips on having a beautiful Phuket wedding.