Patong Beach Restaurants Being the focal point of tourist activity in Phuket, Patong Beach Restaurants has the maximum concentration of trendy restaurants with nouvelle cuisine and artistic décor, drawing populaces from all over the world and the cuisine here reflects this in its miscellany. From the distinctive fare and desserts you've never heard of to the pleasures of home you're assured to discover a whole lot variety restaurant of your desired cuisine. Patong Beach Restaurants formations run the range from the carts selling sticky rice and delicious kebabs and all the way to topnotch fine banqueting, with luminary chefs and their lip-smacking dishes and some high-quality wine lists. There are numerous Thai food courts, serving delicious and reasonably priced meal and mid-range bistros with satisfying and low budget European food. Patong's restaurants surely do cover every continent with all price ranges; you will surely find endless dining possibilities in Patong. patong beach restaurants 2