Phuket Emergency Numbers

Phuket emergency numbers

You might be prepared and prudent, but there is no saying what can happen to you in Thailand. Make your vacation a safe one by memorizing these vital Phuket emergency numbers:

Tourist Police1155 or (+66) 076-219-878
Phuket Tourist Rescue Center(+66) 076-383-907-9
Tourist Information1672

Emergency Numbers, Phuket 

For medical emergencies, dial any of these Phuket emergency numbers:

Phuket International Hospital Ambulance Service(+66) 076.210-935
Phuket International Hospital, Bypass Road(+66) 076-249-400
Patong Hospital(+66) 076-344-225, 076-342-633-4
Ruan Paet Hospital, Phuket Town(+66) 076-211-578, 076-212-950, 076-216-179
Vachira Hospital, Phuket Town(+66) 076-211-114, 076-217-294-8
Mission Hospital, Phuket Town(+66) 076-237-220-6, 076-211-908
Bangkok Phuket Hospital, Phuket Town(+66) 076-254-421


For travel services, here are some important digits:

Phuket International Airport(+66) 076-327-230-7
Phuket Bus Terminal(+66) 076-211-480

To contact government offices, dial the following:

Customs(+66) 076-211-105
Immigration Authority(+66) 076-351-108


For decompression sickness and other diving concerns, contact:

Diving Recompression Chambers(+66) 076-342-518
Hyperbaric Services(+66) 089-871-2335