Kite Surfing in Phuket

Kite Surfing in Phuket

Kite surfing in Phuket is one of the fastest evolving extreme sports. The exotic island has absolutely everything to be a popular location for kite surf enthusiasts. The gentle breezes and shallow waters of the southeast coast really allure beginners. Layan beaches and Nai Yang in the northwest Phuket is the destination that captivates advanced level surfers that let it rip with their acrobatic stunts.

Kite surfing in Phuket happens to be one sport that can get really dangerous to attempt without the basic knowledge. It is not simply such an activity that you can just head out. Certain centers in Phuket offer kite surfing lessons at attractive prices that can be availed. Phuket in Thailand is probably the best place for such an extreme sport with several enthusiasts really excelling in the activity.

Phuket is quite windy for the longest time of the year. There are low and high tourist seasons. The weather offers clear blue skies with cool winds of the northeast monsoon blowing in the mornings. Nai Yang Beach has it all when it comes to kite surfing. The location offers some great wave riding conditions with the wind usually on the side shore. Rawai Beach at the south end has a nice sandy shallow area perfect for beginners.

Location for Kite Surfing in Phuket

Layan Bay is a lovely spot for beginners, the only bay area on the west coast. There are low or no waves during the top tourist season of the year.