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Emerald Beach Tri Trang

On The Emerald Beach

Also known as the Tri Trang Beach, the Emerald Beach gets its name from the rows of palm and casuarina trees behind it as well as the verdant hills that fringe it on either side and the patches of grass that can be found right on the beach. In spite of the trees, though, the beach is often covered in direct sunlight, which is why it is a good place for sunbathing.

Emerald Beach Activities

There is not really much to do on this small beach apart from basking in the sun that shines here abundantly. While the waters of Emerald Beach appear calm, they conceal a rocky ocean floor, so swimming here is not really recommended.

Emerald Beach Facilities

There are plenty of sun loungers for rent here, as well as some beach umbrellas if you don’t want a tan. There are public toilets near both ends of the beach.

Emerald Beach Restaurants

There are two restaurants here – the picturesque Windsulf restaurant and the restaurant at the Tri Trang Resort, both of which serve Thai and international dishes.