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Bangtao Beach

Bangtao Beach

The area around Bangtao beach is quite interesting, painting a portrait of contrasts between the old – the rustic village of Cherng Talay – and the modern in the form of the luxurious Laguna Resort complex right on the beach. On the beach itself, the villas and resorts are on the southern end, with the atmosphere constantly buzzing with activity, while the northern part is quiet and solitary.

There are some excellent restaurants in the area, as well, along with a number of shops that you can purchase various goods from. Indeed, you will find everything you need here just as you will on Patong Beach but without having to deal with the crowds. The nightlife is lively, too, but not too loud – just the right volume for an enjoyable evening.

On The Beach Of Bangtao

The Beach of Bangtao is one of the longest on Phuket, stretching about four miles long. This means that beachgoers have a lot of sand to cover for romantic strolls and plenty of space to lounge on while watching the blue tide ebb in and out. At the same time, though, Bangtao Beach is never too crowded, giving tourists the chance to take in the seemingly endless scenery at a relaxing pace.

Bangtao Beach Activities

One of the unique activities offered here is horseback riding, which you should try during your stay, especially during sunset. The horses are not too large and are led by a guide so you shouldn’t have any problems riding even if you’ve never been on the back of a horse before.

The usual beach activities are offered, as well, such as surfing, especially towards the northern end and during the months of May to October, swimming during the rest of the year, parasailing and jet-skiing. Banana boats are also available for rent.

Bangtao Beach Facilities

While you will find plenty of sunbeds here, they are reserved for hotel guests so you’ll want to bring your own beach mat or towel to lie down on, along with your own beach umbrella. There are no public toilets, either, but the hotels and restaurants along the beach won’t complain if you use theirs.

Bangtao Beach Restaurants

There are plenty of restaurants located in the area. Most are inside the Laguna Resort complex, though, and offer a fine dining experience, so if your budget isn’t that much, you may have to visit another part of town to sate your appetite.

Bangtao Beach Attractions – Things To See Around Bangtao Beach

One of the best things about Bangtao Beach is that in spite of being a popular tourist spot, it maintains its rich cultural identity and traces of its past, both of which are especially evident when you take a stroll away from the beach and into town.

Cherng Talay Shrine

The Cherng Talay Shrine is proof that Bangtao Beach was once a small settlement of Chinese immigrants. Apart from its historical importance, it is also an astounding masterpiece of architecture, with statues of the eight immortals in Chinese mythology situated on the rooftop alongside elaborate dragons. Inside, the halls are also lined with magnificent artwork while a statue of Nezha, the gatekeeper of heaven, can be found in front of the main altar.

Wat Cherng Talay

Originally located in Khao Noi, Wat Cherng Talay is the center of Buddhist worship in Bangtao Beach. Like many other temples in Phuket, it houses Buddha statues and paintings. Also, giant snake statues guarding the entrance to the main hall while mythical birdlike statues line the road leading to the temple, illuminating it at dusk.

Bangtao Beach Activities – Things To Do In And Around Bangtao Beach

While many beaches in Phuket offer admiring the stunning scenery as the main activity, and sometimes the lone one, Bangtao Beach has plenty of activities to offer for tourists so all you have to do is take your pick.

Beach Activities

Choose to stay on the beach and you can still have your fill of excitement. You can try horseback riding across the length of the beach, for example, which is especially a good idea later in the day when the heat has let up. You can also go swimming most of the year, ride the waves from May to October and rent water sports equipment.

Sports Activities

Right beside the Laguna Beach Resort complex is a large recreational facility called Camp Laguna. Here, you can try rock climbing and abseiling, as well as playing Ultimate Frisbee and conquering the rope challenge courses. There is also another recreational facility located right inside the complex, called Quest, which has its own climbing wall and low rope challenges.

For golfers, there is also a golf course inside the complex, namely the Laguna Phuket Golf Club 18-hole course, which is open to all. Aside from the course itself, which is quite challenging, there are also practice facilities such as a driving range and putting green.

Cultural Activities

Apart from sports activities, Camp Laguna also offers arts and crafts workshops for all ages, including batik painting classes. If you are more of a cooking enthusiast, you can learn how to cook Thai dishes, as well, at the Dusit Laguna Phuket hotel on certain days of the week.

Spa & Wellness Activities

If the beach alone is not relaxing enough for you, feel free to indulge yourself in some well-deserved pampering at the wellness centers offered by the resorts on Bangtao Beach. There is a recently opened yoga center, as well.

Bangtao Beach Shopping

There are plenty of shops around Bangtao Beach, though most only cater to specific shoppers. Indeed, unlike in Patong Beach or Karon Beach, you won’t find designer rip-offs here or colorful beachwear. Rather, most of the shops sell high quality and expensive goods such as curios and fine accessories, probably catering to the tourists who come to the luxurious Laguna Beach Resort.

Laguna Phuket Resort

Indeed, many of the shops are located inside the resort complex itself, especially inside Canal Village where you will find boutiques selling beautiful handicrafts and silk goods. There are art galleries here, as well.

Specialty Shops

Outside the complex, especially near the entrance, there is a row of specialty shops, some of which sell household items and furniture and others which sell stainless steel cutlery, eyeglasses, wine and spa goods.