Journalism Internship in Thailand:

Do you make the Cut?

Are you looking for a journalism internship in Thailand? PMC ASIA is looking for Interns to write and promote the country’s booming tourism. The task is quite simple and if you have the potentials to qualify, it is but a start of a remarkable career. This Journalism internship in Thailand gives you tons of opportunities to explore Phuket and hone your writing and documentary skills at the same time. There are just so many adventures and discoveries that await you if you dare to take the leap.

The job description is straightforward and downright exciting. Qualified and interested interns are tasked to write contents for tourism-centered websites. The focus of this journalism internship in Thailand is to provide more information to the growing number of tourists in the country. You are required to submit rich contents and high quality articles for and The websites highlight some of the best places to explore for a Phuket getaway. It also offers insider tips and information to make your Phuket visit a grand adventure of a lifetime. The journalism internship in Thailand position is not work after all. It is but a gateway to a world of discovery and love for the scenic spots and landmarks in this breathtaking island in Asia.

Take note that the internship is not paid but your accommodation is provided. However, it is every intern’s ticket to doors of countless opportunities both in the field of journalism and tourism. Interns need to write, edit, and take amazing pictures of the different tourist attractions in Thailand. Submit photos of sites, nightclubs, shrines, restaurants, and other go-to spots to help tourists and even locals. This journalism internship in Thailand is undeniably a golden ticket that’s too good to miss. Send in your application with all the reasons why you are the perfect person for the internship.

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